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“What Are Parents and Children Saying About Begin Bright?”



“I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you very much for having Austin at your centre all day on Friday.

He absolutely loved it and hasn’t stopped raving about how much fun he had and how nice you were! He is usually a bit hesitant to leave me but as far as I could tell he didn’t miss me much at all!

Thanks again, we will definitely come back.”Jo Readman

“Begin bright has been a great experience for the girls(Sophia & Chelsea) they have learnt a great deal in the 2 years they have been coming and the most wonderful thing about it all is they love books and are really trying hard to read and enjoying the learning and are more than ready to start school next year.”Suzanne, Grandma of Chelsea and Sophia
“Kalani has had a fantastic time at “big school”. We couldn’t have asked for a better start to her school years. She won a Prinicipal’s Medallion and is looking forward to catching up with friends and working really hard for the Year 1 Medallion! Kalani’s kindergarten teacher was very supportive and dedicated for Kalani to make continued progress. She noted Kalani could recognise, read, sound out and eventually connect the letters / decode to form a word. Kalani’s kindergarten class was given a Word Wall from the beginning of the year. Her teacher informed us that Kalani’s ability to finish the entire Word Wall in less than 3 months was commendable! I believe Begin Bright had given Kalani the foundations of learning to read and write which has effectively given her confidence in the classroom. Like I said, we couldn’t have asked for a better start to her school years.”Nanci Hodge, Mum of Kalani
“Next year my little one is off to BIG school and is a true testament to your program. He wouldn’t even pick up a pencil at the beginning of the year and can now form all letters correctly and knows his letter sounds. He is very good with his numbers as well. Thank you!” Narelle-Mum of Callum
“The children that do well and succeed are the ones that are confident and they are definiately the happier children. I can see it in my children and all three have gone to your school readiness classes before starting school. They are truly happy kids and very, very successful so far. I am so proud of them.” Toula Moutevelis
“Thank you so much for all the work you have put in to help Mya so much. She is so much more confident and understands and processes her work far more easily.” Nisha - Mum of Mya
“We should be encouraging kids to learn as it makes them happy and Begin Bright does that. I think early learning is great for their self confidence and enjoyment of school (and given they are there for 13 years, it is vital they enjoy it!!).” Gab Rose

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“I feel fortunate to be part of this network as the support is ongoing. The franchisor is extremely supportive and constantly offers constructive advice and encourages other franchisee’s to network and support each other. The franchisor definitely leads from the top.”

– Rochelle Bishop, Begin Bright Gymea

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