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Fun & simple activities families can do to develop numeracy skills and a love of maths!

Fun & simple activities families can do to develop numeracy skills and a love of maths! Maths can seem daunting when faced with a workbook full of sums, however maths is much more than just numbers on paper. We use math in so many areas of our lives cooking, working, driving or gardening. By sharing the numeracy activities while you undertake daily life with your child or children, you will support them to make the real-world connections that bring maths to life. Discuss ... Read more

5 easy steps to ease an anxious child.

When transitioning to primary school, a lot of children go through worry about what it will be like. Sometimes that stress stays with them once they have started school and can make them not want to go to school at all. School refusal can be very frustrating for everyone involved, students, parents and teachers. Here are some steps you can take to help ease your child into the school routine. 1. Talk to your child about what is worrying them. Kids need ... Read more

Why Would You Choose School Readiness classes?

As parents, we are all on that journey of preparing our little ones for the road of life and in doing so we have the privilege of discovering who they are and what skills and activities they like. We help fuel the many activity services that exist in our community such as sport groups, dance, music, art, outdoor adventures, swimming schools, computer clubs, cooking…well the list is endless. What many parents may overlook is that being a student is a skill ... Read more

Fine motor activities to try at home

Fine motor activities to try at home Fine Motor skills are one of the most important skills a child needs prior to going to BIG SCHOOL. These skills use the smaller muscles of the children’s hands. Fine motor skills are used for many different tasks, from the everyday, of getting dressed, eating with cutlery etc. to academic skills such as the child’s pencil grasp used for colouring and writing, cutting with scissors, pasting and even typing on a computer keyboard. Fine motor ... Read more

Free Kids Christmas Activity Sheet

Keep the kids occupied with our fun free Begin Bright Activity Sheet Download here: Begin Bright Christmas Activity Sheet     Read more

Begin Bright Founder, Tina Tower Named On The Educators Hot List for 2016

We're very proud to say that our Founder, Tina Tower, has been named on The Educator Hot List as one of the top 40 leaders in Australian education! You can read about all of the people on the list here:   Read more

Preparing Children For School

This time of the year, we as teachers are asked by many parents on how to best prepare their child for their transition to big school. Many children have been at their Early Childhood centres for a period of time and have become familiar with peers, environment and staff. During this time of the year, parents find that children can react to this upcoming change in various ways. Some become excited and cannot wait to begin big school, while other children seemed confused and ... Read more

School Readiness – Providing Rounded Development For All Children

Throughout my time at Begin Bright I have had many parents enquire about our school readiness program, questioning if it is only for the child who is requiring remedial learning assistance.  This is simply not the case, with school readiness valuable for the rounded development of all children. Yes, our program delivers pre-literacy and pre-numeracy learning concepts, as well as fine motor skills, yet it offers more than that. Can you imagine what it must feel like, for an anxious child to suddenly ... Read more

Homework Tips

Are you preparing for the homework battle? Homework can be a rather contentious issue amongst children, parents and teachers. Some LOVE it, whilst others LOATHE it. Whether you’re a lover or a hater, sometimes homework is just one of those things that has to be done. Here are some tips to completing homework with hopefully less tears (from kids and parents!). Pick your ideal homework time As a primary school teacher, this is the number homework tip that I can offer parents. There will ... Read more

Friend or Frenemy? Strategies to help children make good friends.

Friend or Frenemy? Strategies to make good friends. Friends make life interesting and fun so we want to ensure we make good, lifelong friends at school. However, primary school students often have trouble maintaining long lasting friendships. So as parents it is important to ask your children these questions: How do you make friends? How can you be a good friend? What do you do when disagreements happen? Here are some tips and strategies you can talk about with your children. How do ... Read more
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