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Samantha Mellor
Centre Manager – Begin Bright Padstow

I believe in creating an environment that promotes positive learning in a happy and supportive manor.
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Begin Bright Padstow

Begin Bright Padstow

Begin Bright Padstow

Originally opened in July, 2013, Begin Bright Padstow is now owned by Cognition Education Australia.

Samantha is the new centre manager for Begin Bright Padstow. 

Samantha has a passion for working with young people and helping to facilitate their ongoing development. Samantha loves teaching young children and seeing them develop through the School Readiness program. Samantha has been teaching at Padstow Begin Bright as the School Readiness teacher and tutor for the past year and a half. Prior to Begin Bright Samantha has been teaching in Primary and High schools across Sydney. As a teacher she really saw a need for bridging the gap between the play based learning in preschool to the more conformist structure of school life.

Samantha graduated from The Australian Collage of Physical Education with a Bachelor of Education in Dance, Physical Health and Development and Community and Family Studies. This has given her the opportunity to work with a diverse group of young people ranging from 5 years to 18 years of age.

“ I believe in creating an environment that promotes positive learning in a happy and supportive manor.”

Samantha is focused on being a good role model to students be exhibiting and reinforcing positive behaviours.

“I am looking forward to this exciting journey at Begin Bright and I will strive to inspire young people and to help create happy, smart and more confident children.”

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School Readiness 02
Primary Tutoring
School Holiday
Thank you for all that you did for Jacob during the time he was with you, I really think you helped him tremendously to be ready for school this year.
 We are so glad that we chose to enrol Ellie with Begin Bright. We have always tried to provide an intellectually stimulating environment for her, but we were amazed by the amount of learning she was doing in each class. In addition to that, Ellie loves attending and looks forward to her class each week.

Furthermore, and most importantly to us, we were able to enrol Ellie in our primary school of choice for her, which was made possible by all the things she learned at Begin Bright.Katerina – mum of Ellie, 5 years old