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Catherine Rouchdi
Owner – Begin Bright Engadine


‘It’s that smooth learning transition from just being a responsibility to a lifelong fun and constructive experience’
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Begin Bright Engadine.

Begin Bright Engadine

We’re so excited to announce that Begin Bright Engadine has a great new owner.

Catherine has worked as a teacher since 2002. Over the years, she has taught children from pre kinder up to year 12. Her Master of Teaching (Primary) from University of Western Sydney has added to her expertise in teaching the little ones and has enriched her knowledge of their emotional and social needs as well as their academic needs.

With a long background in teaching the French language and literature, Catherine’s passion to implement quality literature in all aspects of literacy and numeracy has helped her create a fun and engaging learning environment for children.

‘The highest performing students are those who are safe, happy and confident in their learning space. It’s that smooth and engaging transition of the learning from just being a responsibility to a lifelong fun and constructive experience. That’s why teaching is a rewarding career for me.’

As a mother of three, Catherine understands the crucial role of educators to guide children to reach their maximum potential as well as extending high-performing children to embark on new educational adventures.

She looks forward to meeting new families at Begin Bright Engadine; and as an educator, she is excited to start the valuable learning journey with your children.

School Readiness 02
Primary Tutoring
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Begin Bright Engadine Testimonials

Very good service at Begin Bright Engadine. My daughter Ivy has gotten alot out of her weekly maths tutoring. She always becomes excited to learn more and more with her teacher Kate. Thank you Begin BrightLisa,
I enjoy coming to Begin Bright because it helps me finish my school work faster. I really like the maths games we play at tutoring!Courtney
Begin Bright is so colourful and every one that works here is so nice. You even get Dojo Points! I’ve already got 77. The teacher I have, her name is Jo and I’m in Bumble Bee Betty’s room.Shelby McIlvaney, Year 2
I think that Begin Bright is great for kids to learn stuff and become smart, confident kids. I love having Begin Bright, especially my teacher Jo.Tahli Struthers, Year 4
A friend of mine recommended Begin Bright to me when I explained my frustrations at not being able to find someone who could help my daughter, who has learning difficulties. The thing I like is the way her tutoring is individualised and based on where she is at currently. Another thing is the way her tutor explains things to her so she understands and that her tutoring homework is also based on her current understanding, while giving her the confidence to take on new challenges.

I would recommend Begin Bright to people who are looking for a professional, individualised and fun way of helping their child to learn!Natalie, mum of Olivia Gilbert, Year 6

Begin Bright is awesome and the same with the tutors. The tutors that are helping me have made school heaps easier!Kade Middleton, Year 6
Begin Bright has helped me learn more about times tables, time, addition and subtraction. Before I went to Begin Bright I did not know how to subtract properly and couldn’t do any of my times tables!!!

It is fun learning about addition, but subtraction was hard work! Thank you for helping me.Alannah Carmody, Year 3

Destiny has improved out of sight with her mathematics since starting at Begin Bright Engadine.She has had overly pleasing results and has now obtained some excellent skills to move forward with her mathematics.
Destiny was in need of an experienced teacher and the dedication of Danielle with Destiny has had commendable results.
I would recommend Begin Bright to anyone who is considering assistance in getting their child to be the best that they can be.Author Name

School Readiness 02
Primary Tutoring
School Holiday