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Kathy Campbell
Owner – Begin Bright Doncaster

I love helping children discover what they can achieve.
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Begin Bright Doncaster

Begin Bright Doncaster is owned by Kathy Campbell.

Begin Bright Doncaster began in 2014 being the first Begin Bright Centre in Melbourne. Kathy is a mother to a beautiful boy with another baby on the way. As her family grows, she has taken this opportunity to start a Begin Bright Centre where she can spend time with her family as well continue her love of teaching.

Kathy has enjoyed working with children for over 10 years. She began working with children during university where she guided children to learn both skills and life lessons through recreation and physical activity.

For four years, Kathy worked as a prep and year one teacher. It was here that Kathy developed a passion for helping children discover what they are able to achieve, boost their self-esteem and develop a positive attitude towards learning.

She is very excited to open 2014 as a Begin Bright Centre owner and teacher where she can help each child’s true potential be reached.

School Readiness 02
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Begin Bright Doncaster Testimonials

I was searching for a program for my daughter who will be attending prep next year. I wanted a program that is based on the Victorian education framework and made learning fun and interactive. My objective is for my daughter to make the transition into prep academically prepared, so she can just relax and enjoy her new journey ahead. Begin Bright has definitely delivered.Yvonne
We all look forward to Monday mornings. William loves the fun he has and doesn’t even realise that his learning basic fundamentals that is getting him ready for school.

I love the class too, not only do I get to have coffee with some lovely mums that we have made friends with while the class is on. But I have found that William isn’t resisting me when we talk about letters and instead is looking for letters in our everyday life to find ones that he knows. This from a boy that told me he hated letters but likes numbers!

I’m sure that while I’m gratefully now I will feel totally indebted once William reaches school and is confident within the class room and still loves learning.Katrina

Isla started BB in term 1 of this year & has excelled immensely. When she started she could Recognise most  letters but now she is starting to grasp the concept of reading! She knows on, did, fox, cat! BB has helped me as a parent too, Isla tends to get distracted when I try to teach her at home, yet the BB environment allows her to focus & excel.

As an added bonus Isla has made some great friends & talks about her teachers often. She now takes pride in showing me her new skills each week! Emma

 My 4 year old daughter loves coming to your classes.  She has always been interested in books and learning and I wanted to find a program that could help develop her reading skills as I was at a loss of how to do this at home.  I always wanted to give her a head start before she went off to school.

Since attending Begin Bright classes she has become such a confident girl in regards to reading and writing.  Now when I put her to bed she reads me books instead of me reading them to her.  I am amazed at how much she has learned from these classes, they are brilliant.  I will definitely be sending my younger daughter to your classes.



The adult reading class was extremely informative, here I was thinking I had reading down pat, who knew!! – thanks for all the awesome tips which will no doubt help in teaching the wonderful experience of reading. Thanks again.- John, Williams Dad 

School Readiness 02
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