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Farah Ghazale
Owners – Begin Bright Burwood

“I love seeing students grow in confidence, knowledge and skills.”
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Farah Ghazale is a primary school teacher with 13 years of teaching experience and has a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and a teaching diploma in Primary teaching. She has taught overseas in different countries and got to experience teaching students with various backgrounds and cultures.

In her opinion, Farah thinks that teaching is one of the greatest career choices she has ever made because she gets to help children achieve their best. She also thinks that little things like helping a child overcome a problem or understand a tricky concept can suddenly become incredibly rewarding.

“I am so happy that Begin Bright Burwood will have the direct opportunity to make a difference in your children’s lives and create big smiles along with positive learning and high self-esteem.”

School Readiness 02
Primary Tutoring
School Holiday

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School Readiness 02
Primary Tutoring
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