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Frequently Asked Questions
My child goes to pre-school, do they need Begin Bright classes too?
Pre-school is fantastic for social and emotional development but some don’t have very good school readiness programs. Children can come to Begin Bright to get that boost of education so they’re all ready for big school.
Are the teachers fully qualified?
All teachers employed by Begin Bright are fully qualified. The school readiness teachers either hold a qualification in Child Care, Early Childhood or Primary Teachers and all of the tutoring sessions and conducted by fully qualified primary school teachers.
Does Begin Bright push kids too hard?
Definitely not. The purpose of Begin Bright is to provide children with the time of introducing educational concepts while they are so receptive to new information so that they form a positive attitude to learning. It is formal learning, but while they’re little, they enjoy it!
I don't have any Begin Bright centres near me, what can I do?
While it is best that children are taught by qualified educational professionals so that they get the right foundation, there are things you can also do at home. Start by downloading our free “Alphabet Single Sounds Workbook” using the form to the right and we’ll be sure to keep in touch.
My child is turning 5 at the beginning of the year and I don't know whether to send them to school. How do I know if they're ready?
School readiness has to be looked at from many angles. You will be the best judge to tell if your child is ready socially and emotionally. Your pre-school will also be able to give you an indication of this. Academically, you can download the Primary Early Success Indicator (PESI test) from the e-book section of the Begin bright website and see where any gaps in your child’s learning are. Remember that the level that children start school is greatly varied so while it is easier for children to start ahead of the game, it is the purpose of school to teach so don’t panic if your child is behind.
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