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“Begin Bright is a School Readiness Program Designed in Australia to Prepare Children for the Australian Education System”

We deliver lessons that are fun and engaging so children don’t even realise they’re learning. They come for one hour, learn a lot and then feel smart and confident when they start school.

Our customers come to us for a quality education program that their children will enjoy. It’s affordable and makes a huge difference to a child’s life.

Begin Bright was created in 2008 because we saw so many children starting school and struggling. We wanted to be able to provide a service where children come along for a one hour a week lesson to learn and grow and have fun. This not only teaches them their basics so that they’re academically prepared for school, but also gives them a great foundation and love of learning so that when they’re presented with problems they can’t solve, they have the confidence to do it because they know they’re good learners. 

Come along to one of our Begin Bright centres around Australia and visit a qualified teacher to see what a difference Begin Bright can make in your child’s life.


The Facts
Feel Great
Begin Bright is a fun and educational program to make children feel great
Happy, Smart and Confident
Begin Bright creates happy, smart and confident children through school readiness and primary tutoring
Foundations to Learning
Children in school readiness classes learn letter sounds and numbers to build a good foundation to learning before they start school
Confidence That Lasts
Once children start school, if they’re aware of the basics, they have a huge head start and that confidence sticks right through school
Australia Wide
Begin Bright is an Australian company with centres throughout the country

What Is Your Child’s Level?
2 Years Old - Click to open and read more

Unicorn Uriel

The 2 year old Begin Bright program is designed to play with purpose. While each lesson revolves around craft, songs exploring and playing, there is a main focus to introduce children to age appropriate concepts. This will give them a solid foundation for learning when they progress through the later levels of Begin Bright and go to school. This program not only concentrates on the traditional learning focuses of colours, shapes and numbers, but also looks at understanding of concepts such as positioning of items, people in our communities and how their body works. This is incorporating academic principles with life skills.

3 to 4 Years Old - Click to open and read more

Frog Farley

Green Level Begin Bright is the perfect introduction to learning for little ones. It introduces all the letter names and sounds of the alphabet so that when they have completed the year they have sound phonemic knowledge of the English language. Numbers 1 – 10 are focused on, so that children learn to recognise them visually, write them and show them on their fingers.This is done in a fun and interactive way proving to build children’s confidence levels and give them a positive foundation and good attitude to what will be a lifetime of learning.

Throughout the preschool years, play and socialisation is a very important to a child’s development and learning. For this reason, children should not be pushed at this stage to learn something that they have no interest in. If children enjoy learning then they should be encouraged to progress and reach their potential. Using the Begin Bright program, children are taught in a fun setting to create a positive attitude to learning.

As the content of lessons are quite intensive for young children, their time is limited to one hour. For the most positive results, the content of this one hour lesson should be reinforced by going through the child’s book and activities for ten minutes every day by a parent or carer. Carer’s should also strive to read their child at least one book every day that they enjoy. Inspiring an enduring enjoyment of learning is a key objective in the Begin Bright program.

The Year Before School - Click to open and read more

Bumble Bee Betty

Yellow level Begin Bright classes are designed specifically for children starting school the following year. They introduce children to phonetic sounds, numbers to 20 and handwriting skills. They learn to recognise these sound formations as letters, recognise their sound in words and write words containing the sounds. We focus on single sounds at the beginning, end and middle of three letter words.

They will learn to recognise and write numbers 1 – 20, and learn to add single digit numbers. Begin Bright teaches synthetic phonics so that when children arrive at the stage of decoding words, the words can be broken into the smallest pieces eg b-ea-ch. This approach gives children more decoding success when they reach words that they cannot identify through context and appearance alone. Once an unknown word can be decoded, it is important that children comprehend what they are reading and simply don’t read the text on the page. Vocabulary should be explained and comprehension activities are vital for holistic reading success. Listen to different sounds in words as we break them up b-a-t, d-i-sh.

Find Your Nearest Centre - for program and enrolment information -