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“Coming to Begin Bright Once a Week Will Help Your Child to Be Happy, Smart and Confident for the Lifetime of Learning Ahead”

Children that have good foundations to learning will be more open to learning new things as life goes on
Children who do well at school will have greater opportunity life and be able to choose to do whatever they want to
If a child feels confident at school they will more naturally excel
Here at Begin Bright we help your child to reach their potential
Our Mission
Our mission is to let no child come to us without leaving happier, smarter and more confident. That is the service that we essentially deliver.
Begin Bright

Children can start Begin Bright class at 2 years of age with a craft and music focused lesson, then progress into School Readiness Class at 3 for the two years before school, then move on into the primary tutoring program.

The main aim of early learning is to ensure that children have the best head start and have acquired all the skills necessary for BIG SCHOOL. From previous students now at school, our program has proven to improve children’s learning skills and put them straight to the head of the class.

“Our program has proven to improve children’s learning skills and put them straight to the head of the class”

The Begin Bright Primary Program is based on the Australian National Curriculum covering all aspects of literacy and numeracy in a fun and exciting way. Children learn to read and count while they’re young enough to create a lifelong love of learning. For the primary aged children, we use concrete materials and supportive games to keep them interested and appeal to different learning styles.

Here at Begin Bright, we design all of our own worksheets, story books and resources to ensure everything is up to our standard. We have designed a complete curriculum for children to follow from 2 – 12 years old. That ensures that we complement what children are learning at school and give them the best possible chance to excel.

About Tina – Founder & Executive Director of Business Development
Begin Bright Owner Tina Tower

Tina Tower Begin Bright Founder

Begin Bright was founded by Tina Tower. She started her first tutoring centre at the age of 20 called Reach Education Centre. She instantly noticed the need for school readiness classes when she had so many children come to the centre in mid-primary with reading difficulties. She then worked developing her own school readiness program over the coming years.

As children were coming in for tutoring with mostly reading problems, Tina began to develop a school readiness program that was designed to form a solid foundation and love of learning so problems never occurred once at school. This is where Begin Bright was born. To fit around having a family, Tina began licensing the Begin Bright program in 2008 and converted to a franchise system in 2011. After just one year Begin Bright had launched 7 franchises throughout NSW and QLD and continues to grow from strength to strength. Now with more than 25 centres throughout NSW, QLD, WA and VIC, Begin Bright centres continue to grow throughout the country with the mission to create happy, smart and confident children.

Begin Bright was acquired by Cognition Education Australia in July, 2016 and Tina remains as Executive Director of Business Development.

Begin Bright’s goal is to have 100 centres by 2018 so that more children have the opportunity to feel happy, smart and confident. 


About Casey – QLD & VIC Field Support Manager

Casey Dunlop – Customer Service

With over 10 years of experience in running her own small business, business management and retail, Casey has all of the knowledge and experience to help Begin Bright grow.

Casey has been with Begin Bright for 2 years, spending 1 year running the company owned centre and has now moved into a field support role for the QLD franchisees.

Casey has 2 children in primary school and finds her happiness spending time with family.





About Kath – Executive Assistant

Kath Angus – Executive Assistant

Kath joined the Begin Bright team as Tina’s Executive Assistant in June 2015.  Having worked in administration roles for over 15 years, Kath has extensive experience in all facets of administration and is fast becoming an integral member of the Support Office team.

Kath provides administration to the company as well as technical IT support to franchisees.

With three beautiful children, one of which has special needs, Kath empathises with and is very passionate about the vision and mission of Begin Bright.  Kath has her own personal goal of completing a qualification within the next 5 years that will allow her to volunteer as a special needs teacher aide during her spare time and on retirement.

Kath is originally from Adelaide and has lived on the Gold Coast for 5 years.  We are extremely glad she now calls Queensland home.


About Melissa – Marketing Assistant
Melissa Toms

Melissa Toms – Marketing Assistant

Originally with a background in retail sales and administration, I have spent the past 10 years in an area that I love – marketing and graphic design. I am passionate about helping business owners to grow and achieve their dreams.

I’ve helped businesses large and small with a wide variety of campaigns and marketing projects. I’m excited to bring my experience and knowledge to Begin Bright.

Having three children of my own, I am well acquainted with primary school and have a strong interest in education. I know just how important it is for children to have the best start that they can in their education journey and look forward to spreading the word on all the excellent help that Begin Bright can give to children.

Cognition Education

In July 2016 Begin Bright was acquired by Cognition Education, a leading global provider of education consultancy services, school establishment, professional development, media and publishing.


What Are Parents Saying?

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your wonderful program and teachers at Cronulla. Annabella started big school this year and she is just so enthusiastic every day. She has loved making lots of new friends and LOVES doing her homework and reading her home reader every night, just like Begin Bright!! She is very familiar with everything they are learning in class and this has given her so much confidence and enjoyment. Begin Bright has given her a great start to big school. Kim was wonderful with her and I just wanted to say thanks 🙂

Thanks so much.

Sinead Keep

Kalani has had a fantastic time at “big school”. We couldn’t have asked for a better start to her school years. She won a Prinicipal’s Medallion and is looking forward to catching up with friends and working really hard for the Year 1 Medallion! Kalani’s kindergarten teacher was very supportive and dedicated for Kalani to make continued progress. She noted Kalani could recognise, read, sound out and eventually connect the letters / decode to form a word. Kalani’s kindergarten class was given a Word Wall from the beginning of the year. Her teacher informed us that Kalani’s ability to finish the entire Word Wall in less than 3 months was commendable! I believe Begin Bright had given Kalani the foundations of learning to read and write which has effectively given her confidence in the classroom. Like I said, we couldn’t have asked for a better start to her school years.

Nanci Hodge - Mum of Kalani (6 years old)

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